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Pool Repairs

Johnson Pools LLC. provides repairs and renovation to ALL swimming pool brands. We provide a complete remodeling service with any repair. Our qualified technicians are well equipped with the best tools to complete the job. From everything as simple as a broken item to equipment repairs, we have certified and skilled technicians waiting to service your pool.

We make it our goal to inspect your pool equipment with every visit we make. We inform you of any issues that we notice so these problems can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a free quote oh how Johnson Pools LLC. can fix all your pool problems.

Our technicians specialize in the following:

  • Pool motors and pumps
  • Pool pump filters
  • Pool light bulb and fixture replacement or repair
  • Automatic timers programming
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Vacuum systems
  • Pool electrical repairs
  • Chlorinators, including salt water systems
  • Pool heater
  • Pool and spa draining
  • Pool remodeling
  • Much, much more!

Free quote. We provide a free inspection for new clients in the valley and Texas. We understand the frustration that comes with a swimming pool. If you are ready to get your pool back to the way it was. If you have already found the problem, we can give you a fast and accurate quote. Contact us today for a free quote.